What I mean was

There was a period there, after meeting Stacey, that I pushed everything and everyone out of my life, and all I had was a Facebook post from timbuk2 or giro snow to encourage me. And I was pretty sure she was behind those pages. And every now and then, we would post almost the same exact topic at the same exact time. And it was astonishing. Like some sort of mental connection or a God inspired coincidence of minds.

I was never thinking about marriage. I was just trying to ask her out, and I knew it was all or nothing for me. I had to be ready to lose my job because of it. And I was. Then she mentioned a commitment to engage. And I was utterly flattered. I was so focused on a date and dating. But she actually considered me as a serious partner? But I wasn’t going to let her have control. So I waited three months to get back to her on that. Then things got tricky. I did get back to her.

But then I was wildly intent on marriage because it sounded so good. And naturally I considered other awesome people too. And even tried to ask one or two out. That was a disaster. You can’t fake it. I was already committed.

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