Unite the minds

Common put your energy in2it!

Ah! The hateful old neighbors have found me. Now they come to my house to scorn me. Hah! Ahh! I’ve realized, I can’t away. I just have to be comfortable with these peoples attitude. Why can’t they just enjoy this beautiful Stacey? I mean city.

Biking on west cliff is funny at night. You’ll be going along, and all of a sudden you’ll see two little green lights ahead, a reflection from someone’s eyes. Then a tongue hanging out. Then a smile. A smile only the way a canine could smile. Hah! In the dark! They smile even when no one can see!

Combine the themes Timbuk2 oh my goodness. Why does the entire website have to change for a 3 day sale? Just plop a little header graphic above the epic motown and phoebe grandulous videos!!! What’s the problem with that? You only ran the epic Motown video for what 3 days? Talk about poor ROI!

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