Two days

Wow. Two days made a huge difference. Eggs, vegetables, tea, and sleep. Eggs are good because they have a lot of growth in them, lol! When she rode up to me I knew there was a normal person in there. And she has stopped babbling. And I think I saw a spark in her eye. I bought her some clothes. She’s actually a really cool person! Today I was almost done. She kept talking about al this crazy stuff. But I think she’s going to be ok!

I gave her lotion for her feet. And a salt bath. And she has a fractured finger. I made her stay inside, well suggested, after telling her she is a free person, because she needs time to heal and people won’t understand her. Then she watched a movie. It’s actually making my house feel normal to have a housemate watching a movie. I gave her my socks. This all started because she nudged her front tire at me and I was like, wait, you don’t fit in out here! You’re in serious trouble!

SHe was flirting a lot too and told me she wants a boyfriend. I think some drug regressed her to childhood for a bit. She was talking like a kid. I told her it isn’t time for a boyfriend yet. She needs to rest and relax for atleast a week.

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