Too much to do

Dirt biking. Sea otter classic. Old cabin classic. Wharf to wharf. Remodel. Job. Therapy. The therapy is working! I watched some videos of the sea otter classic downhill. I don’t think my bike will handle the jumps. But it would be so cool. I might try and ride it this weekend to see. I ink I am going to stick with my original hardwood floor all the way. And the old carpet. For now. Until everything is painted. Things are good around here. I cleaned everything and put everything away. In the midst of things it was a mess with electrical work plumbing and framing all going on. I need to fix my saw. The guard lost a screw and it sticks open. That’s a nightmare waiting to happen!!! I cleaned my car. That felt good. And made the black plastic a little shiny instead of dull. That really made me feel good. I sailed last night. It went well. The guys on the boat are so afraid of the spinnaker. It’s just a big blanket! That’s all! Amber is back! It’s weird having this person here. You can’t rely on her to do anything. I want to think she’s a giant brat using everyone. But that means something. Under my ego response is an understanding of her situation. And it’s bad! She’s getting better though! She’s taking better care of herself. Like she actually cares about herself. She’s staying clean and more coherent. More coherent within the delusion atleast.

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