Time to mature

I now realize why people treat me weird. I need to mature!

I never got to be a full teenager. It was me, my mom, and my sister, scrambling to get by. My mom lead it and she did really well. But I had to do a lot too. So emotionally, I never got to go through that time of freedom like most of my peers. So, I sort o fave in the last five years. And who could ask for more? But it’s time.

I met tons of other people who seemed possibly more compatible than her, but none of them fit like her. There was no replacement. We were perfectly incompatible.

The problem was that my hero is mike Rowe. And I love dirty jobs. All of them. Sewage. Mud. Toilets. That’s what I did as a kid! My dad and I would fix the sewage system. My friends and I would hike down the mud stream. And I would clean the toilets at the gas station. And the greasy floors. My favorite? Buy a junked trashed car, and clean it!!! Yes! I bet I could actually make a ton of money doing something like that…

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