Tides are turning

Dear Stacey:

Amazing work. Amazing work. Style. Finesse. Composed.

As you know, I want to pay my dad back. I want to control everything about it. And I am worried about what could happen. What if what if what if. I am worried about what if the past had gone another way! I keep praying about it and the answer is always, just do your little part, make the payment, and let go of all the rest. Yikes!!!

Like hitting a golf ball. Just hold the grip gently, and make your swing, stay grounded on your feet, and let go of all the rest! Laughing out loud. Laughing out loud.

Scary scary scary. But it’s powerful. It is. Like you, Stacey.

I paid my mom back for her part of that truck. It was an epic truck. Oh, and I love you. I don’t feel I have to control her anymore!

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