This is a strange spot

I do have cash to live off and use in case of an emergency. It would be strange if I ended up with no cash. I would have to sell my house fast. Or maybe they would give me some leniency. But I borrowed against my house up to the amount I had saved. So I had the money and yet kept the cash amount saved. But now they are even. I figured I would get to this point and then reconsider. I have been living fairly meagerly, so I decided I would borrow more, but now with a set deadline. It should last me three months, depending on a few things. At that point if I have used all of that loan, I am definitely selling. But I would still have time, to make a good sale. So I’ve kind of gotten into this gray zone of living borrowed money. Up to this point, I had the cash to cover it. But now I’m on borrowed money!!! It’s nerve racking!!!! It’s ok though. I could only do it because of my equity. And it literally is sweat equity. I’ve put a lot into this little structure. And it’s nearing completion. Details. Details. I decided to make cabinets to save money. And they’re custom fit and everything. Now I’m in a rush so I can rent a room out. That will significantly alter my financial situation. And, at this point, I can’t afford to mess around. I have to get serious. And I realize, yeah, I had it too easy before. I was like big mr dad running around trying to lead everyone. And I still can. But the subtle meanings behind being serious are a little more apparent.

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