The truth

I’m bogged down!!! I think I have needed a mental break in the last year. So I have chosen to be less assertive and defining. And it is taking its toll. People are degrading me massively. I’ll show up somewhere to help and they just start assuming things and accusing me and all of this stuff! And there are a few people who won’t forgive me for saying something that I thought would help. And it’s so hard to feel Unforgiven. It’s like this thing is keeping me from clarity and from directing others towards clarity. I’m dumbed down right now. I think I’ve grown so much that very few people relate with the same comfort that I do. And I’m being bogged down by people around me. Come on people! Let’s get to the bottom of it! Like I need to have a ten minute explanation session with a few neighbors so they understand me. They act like they don’t trust me. Who are you? I’ve been living here. Why do I have to prove to you that I am trustworthy? That’s how I feel. I was trustworthy before you moved in. I don’t have to prove anything to you. And I feel like I’ve left my blog behind. That’s what it is. I abandoned my blog. But who reads this anyway? It doesn’t make any sense. This is so frustrating.

I tire I abindined my blog and went crazyt’s

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