The truth

I had had visions of Stacey being at the old cabin classic with a sign that said yes. I really did. Then after I was taking a bath soaking my legs realizing, I am ridiculous. And I sort of had to sit down and define reality. You have to start with reality. I was a guy, sitting in my tub, after a good bike race, with a house, and a blog. And a good church and good friends. And that’s about it. No big exciting awesome surprise dream life. Which I could still hope for. But I have to start with what is real right now. Which isn’t exactly what I want, dream of, or hope for. But it is exciting and awesome as it is. But something… is missing.

I am trying to figure out, who are these people? When and where are they training? Usually when I go out riding I’m as fast as anyone else… I’ve never seen someone riding up the mountain at 15 miles per hour. Is there even enough mountain for them?

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