The truth

In the last few years I have been backed into this horrible corner by my mom and sister and have had no way out except to completely rid my life of them, but I refuse to do that. So instead I am living within their lies and that feels horrible! It’s called a double bind and it is the root of schizophrenia. They’re black mailing me. And I think someone else is too. The trouble with black mail is if you’re already vulnerable, you start to believe you actually did something wrong. To be clear, I am talking about felonies, which I did not do. Someone else may have. So, I need other relationships that I can depend on and get care from. His is the source of most of my intentions. I also read this excerpt in this book about jerks. It’s very interesting, and at the least explains me a little. I have severe problems from both of my parents, which I didn’t know I had. It’s not their fault. Below explains one more subtle symptom, especially regarding the idea of marriage! The truth is if someone gave me their hand as a partner it would be the most amazing thing anyone could ever give me. Above family, children, houses, boats, trucks, anything! Even biking!

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