The ride

It was good. I was rested I suppose. I flew up. Took a secret shortcut that requires hiking. But it only saved me one minute! I guess one minute is better than none. Coming down was slow. Dark and muddy. Brought my light. Saw a bat. Met Sean at the Rincin connector. He is racing the old cabin classic. I am going to try to sign up tonight. Oh man. Wow. That is going to be interesting. I brought my pump and patches. Didn’t want to have to walk tonight. Don’t have time right now. Well I do but I’d rather… Well … actually maybe I shouldn’t have brought it. Walking home would have been fun. I talked to a man under the bridge last night. I said, if you could say anything in the world what would you say? He couldn’t think of anything. I asked him what he hopes for. He went on for 30 minutes and ended with, yourself? Me? I hope for a steady job and to treat other nicely and not get angry. Oddly, today was amazingly by. Every part of it. Wow. I got a lot done. I framed my gable vent because it used to look like a nightmare. Then amber showed back up. She’s doing ok. She has been sleeping. She prayed with me for like 10 minutes!!! It was amazing! Then I went riding. A bird was chiro by on top of my new trellace that I made today as welll. Wow. 8 years later. I also stopped and talked to sunny. He needs work. I might employ him to paint my gable vent!!! Also got some cookies. Bargain market has an epic deal on tomatoes and tomato juice right now. No almond milk though. Wow. Good tomatoes though.

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