The problem of media

Media is an expression. And it is often used to process and express grief. A bad news story, or a deep blog post, invokes a sense of sorrow and grief for something bad that has been witnessed. The problem, for me, is that I want to fix the situation. I have a hard time accepting reality. But the reality is right there all over the news media constantly. Life is a disaster. Even if it were just Sean or Amber, or me, or you, just our grief from traumatic experiences and internal anguish is enough to prove that we’re living a disaster! But I want it to be perfect and a utopia. So I am outraged when it isn’t. But that isn’t reality. I have worked hard to make my life and future as good as it gets. And hopefully with someone who is as good as it gets. Which mostly just means constant emotional processing and being present and dealing with life on life’s terms in a balanced perspective. But life is still a disaster. There are millions of ambers. And Seans. Doing even worse. And for some reason, I want to be there with them. What does that mean? I want to save the world for one. I also have a desire to break into someone’s life, one at a time, and fulfill their hearts and souls. Because mine was destroyed. My soul was crushed flat! It was! I used to draw drawings of it. And I got it healed and I know what it takes.

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