The problem

My main problem currently is I am not getting 5ings down on paper. So I wake up and I’m just stuck. Over burdened. All these hints going on in my mind. So I sat down this morning and wrote down everything I know about Amber. This was good. I relayed it to the social worker at the hospital she is currently in. Then I wrote out things I want to do at my house. Not need to, want to. Then plans for my work. And scheduled things. Oh this was seriously holding me back. Next, my mind is wandering way too much. I realized this after reading about meditation. It said if you have a thought, ack owledge it, and then clear your mind. I did this today for ten minutes parked in public. I started realizing how many wasteful, unnecessary distracting, and useless thoughts I have about each person, each car. Doing this exercise helped me focus. While I drove home, I continued the exercise. And I was free. It was just me. Driving. Smiling. And going somewhere. And I saw how many people are constantly trapped in this mannerism of takin care of everyone. And there’s no need for it. Just drive where you need to go. Ask for help when you need it. That’s what I need to hear right now. I’m constantly trying to please everyone, in case I ever need help. Bu I don’t need help right now. Do I have to please everyone? I’ll still help you regenerate you really need help regardless.

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