The problem

You fix a few things, and now the little problems with everything else become apparent. And it’s this never ending cycle of improving this, improving that, improving this again. And on and on. I spent three days redoing the laundry plumbing because I didn’t like how it was. And I didn’t want to run the vent straight out the roof, so that took a few hours figuring out how to run it under the roof and over. And I took a horse riding lesson and a swing lesson. I suppose I should have taken a sailing lesson way back when. But I knew everything. It was just that when the rudder broke I forgot I had made a spare rudder. Oh that one really killed my ego. Today I took it easy. Cleaned out Ambers car. I have a need to take care of people. Yesterday I rode to Ben Lomond with James. It was amazing. There were so many epic spots. An overlook. The river. Roaring camp. Felton and all the people out strolling. Quail hollow. Fresh oranges off the tree. Oh it was good. That’s a ride for real. Today I did my laundry. It was frantic because all my shirts were dirty and I need my laundry!!! It took a week to finish all that! I don’t know why. Extremely painful therapy session today. Definitely bogged me down for the last week. Everything takes time. But my house. If I had just started from scratch. Lesson learned. The future is now! What does it hold? I’m excited to see! Who knows! Anything is possible! I’mpossible!

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