The plan

I should have stuck to the plan. Finish my remodel. See if Stacey calls in August. And write in my blog. It was simple enough. But of course I had to complicate it and try to save everyone in the process. Atleast I’m still alive. I still haven’t broken a bone. Sort of. And I can still paddle! I paddled from the lane to cowbells stairway and back tonight. It was great. Not in the dark. That would be great too. It’s like a mini vacation. You depart. And slowly travel to the next spot. And then get there. And there’s sights along the way. The. You hang out at cowbells for a bit. Then go back. Going back is always faster. It was really fun. There was seaweed, and ducks, and stalactites, and rocks, and some small waves. My paddling was pretty good. I have never been in surfing shape. But I can paddle pretty well when I need to. For me it’s all about a straight, streamlined body. And not so much floating on the board, but rather swimming with a board under me. When I go out on bigger days, I am never in shape. But like biking, I just remind myself to keep paddling. Sometimes it takes me an hour to get out. But I don’t stop paddling. If I am tired, I slow down, but keep paddling. And I always make it out. That’s like my life. Constantly paddling. I a,ways wonder if I should be wiser about the situations I get into. I would say definitely yes.

Praying with strangers? I think that’s great. And it’s my cup of tea. That’s all I do anyway. Pray. But most of my other choices? Possibly questionable. Well see.

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