The new new

Riding in Lycra is like a whole new world. So now I really want to do well in the race. Before I just wanted to get in it, do it, and just ride unagressively. I thought I’d just be the guy who finished the race on an old cyclocross bike with worn tires and that would be good enough. But now … I have new tires, new clothes, if I had a new bike I could be really competitive. They’ve all got a single chainring and super light frames and seats that go up and down. And this weekend I rode hard! I didn’t even know I could do that. And my muscles loved it. If I had started riding like that earlier … I could be really competitive. But that isn’t what it’s about, I just want to race the race. Be a part of it. Have fun. Be seen. And then ride home and eat something good. And back to work!

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