The most depressing color ever

They all warned me. No sooner had I pulled off the lid then I noticed a funny smell. I put my brush in and it just felt weird. It didn’t cover like I was used to. And cutting in was just not the same.

I got this really shimmery grey little card from the rack, and said, just give me the cheapest paint you’ve got. Gray. It’s neutral. And it will add some color to the room. I asked the technician if he thought it was a red grey or a blue grey. I thought it was reddish. He agreed.

I got to painting and first did all the corners and around the trim. It was fine at first. I decided before I got the roller out I would fill in an area with the brush. That’s when I noticed it. It made the room look half the size. I had gotten so used to the light airy feeling of flat, white, that I forgot how small the room was. This definitely would not do.

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