The day

It is a daily journal. Or is it journey? Oh my. I went to my therapist today. We did some emdr. This entire narrative came out that I completely forgot about. It was like most of my childhood. It makes sense that I’ve been going crazy.

I don’t understand this. She is reading my blog. What would have happened if she didn’t get it? I probably would still be committed. But it would be different. Maybe it would better if she didn’t have my blog. But then what about Facebook? That’s how it basically started. If that didn’t exist, then what? I don’t know but since I do have those things it has allowed this curious sort of relationship. And I called it. I told her there should be a forum. It’s just bizarre. It’s an entire relationship based on messaging. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s awesome because we both understand eachother that well. But does this happen often? Or is it that we are both journalists.

I can’t believe she’s hung in there. I knew she would if I did. And I have. The emdr helps me regulate emotions better. Things pile up until I can be heard and process the emotions.

She did completely redefine my normal. She showed me that there is so much more to life than I ever knew. It has been pretty amazing. All through photographs and a few words. I suppose it’s like texts or an encouraging note in the morning. It really helps. I don’t know that there needs to be anything more actually. But I do love to cuddle. But that could turn into forever.

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