That’s some swell

Holy crow. Front and center. My boat was going nuts. My fender is right on the side of my bedroom and it gets squished and sounds like it’s in my ear. Every night I wake up to this. Crunching roar and I almost jump out of my bed. And that’s just the beginning. The dock. Oh the dock. And the stairway that goes up and down five feet every night with the tide and rides on rusty rollers. The fisherman that are parked next to me put it best. Velociraptor. Raaaa raaaa cre cre cre cre cre raaaaaaa craw. Wow. I lubed the dock but I don’t think I can do much about it. Earplugs help but not much. Atleast I got the boat to sit level and nice. I made bungee shock cords for the dock lines and out new leather chaffe guards where they run against the boat. Now I can actually walk around without hitting everything from all the Motion. It sits really well now. But it was a struggle to get it here. I feel comfortable with it now like I can move on from working on the boat. It was a good few weeks. I’m starting to order parts for the engine head. With a rebuilt head and the jib up she’ll be ready for Monterey. Almost got the jib sheaves working. It’ll require a few more trips up the mast. Surfed yesterday. It was pretty fun. A young boy cake swimming around the point and asked to borrow my board for a set. It was kind of funny. I said who are you?! He replied, I’m Andrew. I said ok fine and I swam in. It was fun. I got a new GoPro so I can make some biking videos. I lost my old GoPro at a parking lot. Whew. What a month. I’m really happy about these leather chafffe guards I sewed around the dock lines. I’m really enjoying climbing the mast as well. I think this was good for me this boat. I still can’t cook. Today it was cold oatmeal, smoked salmon, canned crab, guacamole made from avocados and salsa and I used celery stalks to dip in it. Wow. That was delicious. Deliscious. Get it? Like photos. Then blueberries. And of coarse a few carrots. Peanuts in the shell. From the giants. A tomatoe. I finished all my canned beans yesterday. I figured I go through all my canned food before I got a cooker. I’m thinking an electric pressure cooker. It just sounds cool. Not sure yet. Maybe a camp stove. But bread… I have to figure that out. Maybe a gas bbq outside that I can out on low to bake bread in.


These dock lines REALLY MADE A DIFFERENCE. They need us. They really do. The world hardly has anything strong to look to.


thats why the world is so crazy. No one prioritizes what’s good. And we all know it deep down.

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