Superior service

I picked up trash today. This is the bottom. I have nothing to prop myself up on. No job. No house. No boat. Just me and my trash.

I got under the dumpster. Behind the pipes. Along the gutter. In the bushes. And under the fence.

It was great! I feel dignified and strong. I don’t need anyone, and I don’t need to prove anything. Because, I am.

So, I’m just going to keep doing this. There are a few men I am trying to find to speak to. To acknowledge my wrong. I’ll find them.

And that’s that. I’m doing my job. And it’s fulfilling. Reconciling. Stabilizing. And encouraging and promising.

Went to the bolkstore

But you weren’t there

Went flying high over the river

But you stood there with your empty stare

Can’t wait for the golden horse to fall

But there’s nothing beyond your love!

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