That’s me. Self righteous, critical A. I am so sorry I am so critical of others. I just know what makes me happy and I want everyone else to do the same. But that’s crazy.

So I trenched more, got the water line hooked up. Almost got the sewer coupled until I realized the issue. A 2 foot root ball is engulfing the pipe where I am trying to connect to it. Connection impossible. So I just ran a smaller pipe into and and down a ways so the poo has a chance to run down and not up. The smaller pipe doesn’t seal to it because I can’t seal around the main pipe. Atleast I can shower and clean things here now. Next option is have them do a trenchless line through the existing one. That sounds expensive. I might trench around some more and see if I can get to a good spot to connect to the pipe. Things are actually going well. Having a hauler come tomorrow to get all the dirt out of here. I was going to do it originally but how about someone else does it!!! It’s nice to be able to do laundry. Tomorrow I’ll clean the concrete and figure some more things out. I am excited to see who buys this amazing place. The area is absolutely fantastic. The house could use some cabinets and a door, possibly better heating. But with that, woo hoo talk about a gold mine of culture and fun.

I have committed to stopping all work this weekend. Luckily I’m smart and I can figure out how to make things done.

I am fairly cerebrally talented. It’s mostly in a photographic memory of mechanical things. When people talk about a system, I can see the whole thing in my head. And everyone is always way too focused on the wrong little detail. Oh it drives me crazy.

Oh and by culturally awesome I mean the yukele club and the birds. I don’t see differences between human beings. Just people I like or dislike and I’m sorry I am like that it is nothing personal. I do believe every human deserves dignity and respect. In public. On private property, when I’m on my property, sorry if I don’t acknowledge you. I’m in my space. Thinking about my taxes. I love paying taxes. It makes me feel so good!!!

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