Some girl took my car

When I picked her up from the hospital a month ago, the story was she had left her car in a certain spot. She had directed me to look for it. When it couldn’t be found, she seemed confident she could find it. This lead me to believe she was trying to make me her alibi. And I was right.

It turns out, she was arrested, they admitted her to the hospital, I now learned she has a mysterious court appearance and her car is the impound! That is what actually happened! I Kent her the impound money last time, and she paid me back. But I’m not lending it this time. She doesn’t want the car, but she can’t let go of because of it’s worth. She keeps trash in it and losing it. She shared it with her ex boyfriend who she hates. So, the car is being sold in a lien sale. Goodbye car. If she focuses on the next year, in a year the loss of the money invested in the car won’t matter. She is staying at her moms and I am keeping in contact with her to help her mentally process her situation. She seems nervous about losing her car and moving on but I remind her to trust in God. It will be fine.

She is still pretending that someone took her car and got arrested in it. Someone else! Haha! It’s kind of funny. There arrest documents with her picture on them. But it wasn’t her. I decided to go along with it. Oh I’m so sorry some girl took your car! That is just so strange and unbelievable!

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