Sea shails

It went really well. I had my family aboard. They were great. They loved it. The boat lived it. It’s a really good boat!! Everything went really well. No one knew I had meticulously spent the last three weeks fixing things. Not to mention last night. And yesterday getting the sheaves to work. The sheaves work really well. Easy roast! I have everyone a quick lesson on hoisting the sail and using self tailing winches. Then casting off. And away we went. The motor ran. It needed coolant before our return trip. We went main only to keep it simple and kept the trio short. I let everyone drive. Backing in is a nightmare but I did it almost perfectly. You have to come in and swing the stern way over, and then get the bow to swing way over. It’s almost impossible but the keel helps the boat pivot. Without a keel it would be impossible without hitting the neighbor. Reverse is… awesome. With the prop wash, which pivots the boat while reversing, you can do some pretty cool maneuvers. And this boat handles pretty well. But for my slip you just want to get going straight in reverse and approach as straight as possible so you don’t end up with the bow pointed strangely. It’s an art and I love it. These boats are incredible. It’s just a very well designed hull. Tracks well. Fairly fast. And goes to sea well.

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