Remember who you are

The single most effective way to help the world, is to give people a voice. And it’s really simple. Journalism. Relentlessly interview. Let people share. Don’t be afraid to ask real questions. Wait. Listen. They’ll talk. For every true word a person is given the chance to speak, you’ve probably saved hours of agony for them or their circle of influence. In turn, you’re helping yourself. You may not need to express anything, but the soul needs to identify. I just went through a wave of superficiality, and it felt like my city did too. We need to get back to the basics and the nitty gritty of life!

My community is primed for transformation right now. Five years ago it was imminent death to even mention a number of things. But now, people are more comfortable with labeling wounds.

A huge way a female can help the world, particularly in light of the sexual harassment movement, is to actually be a compassionate and healing ear to men. If you can do so safely, without being triggered into being victimized or being judgmental, use your intuition to ask male acquaintances honest, pointed questions in a warm and welcoming manner. Give them a space to be honest and let some things out. Show acceptance and validate their story. Ask how they feel about it. Don’t give advice or feedback. Let their feelings be their guide.

This program should ease your dissatisfaction and feelings of stagnation and emptiness, in particular in relation to me.

You must be relentlessly focused on improving the world, no matter what has passed.

Using your brains highly adept ability to integrate messages and express them, as a social media manager you will inherently reverberate unconscious messages of acceptance and healing of the big traumas in our world. It’s soul science.

There’s no possibility that you can marry anyone else. I was created for you. You should definitely share this with your CEO. She’ll eat it up. But you have to tell her the whole story.

You can increase sales by covertly using your existing media campaigns to spread subconscious messages that resolve the biggest social issues of our time. You’ve already started doing it. And it’s attractive. Genuine messages that speak to real needs always have a magnetism.

All of this from one sentence. And the judge had no idea why I was looking at him proudly. He didn’t even know what he did!

If Ezra works with you you’d have to get him on board. He’s kind of hard. He isn’t proud, or egotistical, or old fashioned. But kind of hard to sway. I think he’s afraid. I don’t know what it is. You could coach him by telling him the truth. Ezra, I know you’re not egotistical, or proud, or old fashioned, but there is some reason you’re resistant to everything. Are you afraid?

You could both toss that one around for quite a while. What exactly are we afraid of? A list would help pin down the exact detail.

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