One step at a time

Well, I didn’t do the keel. I did some of it today. It’s pretty covered. Cleaning up though. I am going to try and make a co pressed air hose and use weights do I can just stay under. Just getting down with a full wetsuit on and staying under takes a lot of air. I could clean the whole thing in about twenty minutes if I could stay under. Apparently it’s fairly easy, you have to abide by the general rules of scuba diving, and use a specific oil less and contamination less pump for your healthy lung sacs.

There had also been a sewage spill in one compartment in the boat due to a faulty hose. I went ahead and cleaned that up because it was bothering me. It wasn’t bad. I just doubled up on latex gloves and was careful. Luckily there was some bleach on the boat. I threw the rags away.

All in all it’s cleaning up pretty well. Most people look at it like it’s a pile of junk. I don’t get it. I see fun. The deck is weathered teak. I actually like that look. Apparently it isn’t in right now. With a few things like updated lifelines, cleaning the halyards, maybe a new anchor, some trim, the exterior will look pretty sharp. The interior is functional, I may just leave it. Take it as is and love!! I mean live. It needs seat cushions and mattresses. I have a good source for foam. I am trying to figure out how to get custom leather imitation vinyl covers made for cheap. My sister did just get a sewing machine …

Frankly with new headliners and cushions, the interior will look pretty good. It funny how all these little things add up to make this horrible picture. But I can always see through it. It doesn’t need an overhaul. In fact it barely needs painting. It’s just that the important details are missing. And that brings me to Timbuk2. They repeatedly nail it on the important details.

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