On track

I went to a swing class tonight. It was fun. People like me there. But I always end up dancing with the wrong people and they don’t want to dance with me. I think I give them too serious of a look or I actually don’t like them so I confuse them in the dance and make it awkward.

I didn’t have any caffeine today. No sugary sweets. No food past 7. I journaled. Went on a bike ride.

My life feels so empty. I think I am tired? Something does not seem right.

There’s two neighbors that really confuse me. I try to ignore them but they just yell my name louder. It’s known them both for atleast three years. But they still act like they don’t know me. Every time they want to talk it’s like they’ve never seen me before. It’s really weird. I’ll be doing the exact same things I’ve always done for the last eight years here, and they act like it’s something new. I don’t get it!!! I don’t want to talk to them.

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