No sooner had we transited the gate,

That I started hearing a funny sound. My dad had always taught me to listen to the water. I looked back, and our outboard was dragging behind us, under water, being held by its fuel line. I gently turns forwards and said, almost in a whisper, guys, I need you to come back here, fast. The outboard fell off, and you need to gently pull it back on board. We need it to come in to half moon bay. They literally jumped to the back of he boat while I luffed. We drifted back toward the bridge support as they fished it out of the sea. At within fifty feet of the massive concrete piling, I bared off, filled the sails, and never looked back. I lifted my head and said, that was disappointing. Twenty miles later I remounted the outboard, took a breath, cleared out the carburetor, and started it. Five minutes later and it was rattling away, buzzing the boat with the vigor that only a two stroke brings to a transom.

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