Next week

This week I had white rice. And next week I, getting brown rice. And all I can think is, what’s it going to taste like? And I’ll get some more eggs to go with my beans. And another $1 can of coconut milk. Where are coconuts breasts? I don’t know but the milk is good. All those little guys hanging sucking the milk out of their mom.

I rode around this morning. This city is kind of weird. I mean the cement ship? I was brought up here and we always sort of idolized the cement ship like everyone else. But now, it’s just kind of weird. I used to have a keep Santa Cruz weird sticker. Weird was cool. But the ship is really just garbage. That’s what it is. And I realize now why all the out of towners trash our beaches. Because the whole city looks like trash to them. Tk us, it’s natural treasure. But coming from a concrete city it looks like trash! That’s what it is. It’s so funny. It has taken me years to get it.

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