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Does your bags zipper have a habit of hanging out at the wrong time?

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I asked an astronomer physicist, is the reason we think the universe is expanding because of a red shift from the outer quasars? I mean if you say it correctly, it sounds like a ton of garbage to me. Not that the universe isn’t huge or not expanding, it’s just I don’t trust our understanding of it. We assume our understanding of physical nature is correct, and that it applies to things billions of times larger than us. That’s a little naive. But typical.

But the proof was in his responses. Yes, it is based on the red shirt. And it all makes sense. Because if you look at enough stars, you can see, that due to the red shift and the speed of light, it looks like we are in the center of the universe, which correlates with our understanding of the red shift.

Ok. So, all your telling me, is what I already know. I’m the center of the universe, and every theory I come up with will prove the same, becasue that’s my frame of reference. Everything will be relative to that.

Einstein was right. Again.

It’s all circular logic based on your frame of reference. Einstein couldn’t put right say it, because they would kill him. So he put it in their language.

If your frame of reference is that you are the center of the universe, then that’s what you will find, and everything will prove it to you. It also works in a social sense. If you think Kyle is stalking you, then everything will prove it, and even he will start fulfilling your dream. Or if you think Stacey loves you and adores you, maybe someday she will.

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