Kitty litter

I ran to the beach this morning. It’s really nice how people have kept the beach and the area around more or less natural. It isn’t like going to a park. It’s like, just going to the beach. So I got there and I spied an older woman with four midget dogs and what appeared to be two kittens, playing around in a group in the sand. I couldn’t resist. So I got closer and sure enough, there were two cats who for some reason were sticking close by and two pairs of dogs, roped to each other by four foot leashes. The most energetic dog was roped to the fat blind dog, and the two more mannered dogs were roped together. And they were all going around in a group sniffing and digging and walking on logs. It was almost the most bizarre thing I have ever seen, and yet the most tender thing I have ever seen as well. I just stopped and sat down and watched them all. The kittens were rescues and they were being patented by the dogs. That’s why they stuck around. The owner was cleaning out their cage that she brought them down in. I’ve seen dogs leashes together before, but I forgot how ingenius it is. One always listens a little better and keeps the other one close to the owner. And neither can get anywhere fast. And the owner doesn’t have to closely watch them! They sort of inherently watch themselves. It seemed like a metaphor to me.

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