Keeping it real

I honestly don’t know what just happened. Everything was good. I read a story in my book about jerks and it got me really fired up. So then I posted on my Facebook account about my childhood. I don’t want to share things like that because I don’t want anyone else to bear the weight of it. But I can’t carry all that anymore. It’s the truth, just like I ride my bicycle or my parents did good things for me when I was kid which were fun and useful. But I am moving forwards! And that means letting go of the past. And I have to get it out there, publicly, for some reason. I also saw a picture of my dad with a little girl and that really got me going. It is strange because some people at church seem to blame me as if I am doing something bad to them. It seems so backwards to me! Why would we not talk about it? It’s so real and so prevalent. But everyone wants to snuff it. I don’t understand. I am feeling much different after really getting down to it. Things are a lot more peaceful and simpler and easier. My worries and perfectionism are much easier. I’m more just immersed and having fun with myself and my life and the places I fit in!!

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