It’s almost over!

I am back in a sort of emotional shock processing state. I get these periods of mania and it’s a reaction to trauma and then eventually it all comes out in these Long crying and shaking things. But it’s good I get the rush of feeling back that I’ve beeb missing for so long. It’s the lack of those feelings that has allowed me to be such a maniac. The reality of my mom, her cancer, and her attachment to reconstructive surgery really got to me today. It’s just the epitome of all of the pain I my family. And my reaction. I don’t want to deal with it. But I should. I should sit her down, as I have so many times, and knock some sense into her. I care about you. I don’t care about your breasts. What do you really care about mom? Did you get a little off track? I know you. I remmeber who you are. This isn’t you.

My speech to the city council is changing. It won’t be about homelessness. It will be about the little light that guided me out of my black hole.

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