It’s all relative

To the template that we created and applied to nature. That’s why his equation fits so well. It inherently must. Because it’s telative to the template we conceived.

It’s like this. You start with a template. A measuring tape. And you mark it at 24”. Now cut a 2×4 at 24” long. Then you make yourself another Tape measure, and mark it at 24”. Then you go and measure the 2×4, and miraculously, it’s 24” long!!! It matches! But of course it does. Everything you did is relative to the template you started with. So you didn’t prove anything. You simply proved that your template is constant. The speed of light. The constant. Is that our template? And why?

Here’s the clincher. We can’t measure time. It is measured as a distance, a movement of a clock.

The brain, can measure more, in its own perspective. It can time. It can measure color. Smell. Taste. Temperature.

There is a familial metaphor. Everything is relative to the template. A couple might start by forming s template of love. And an entire family is born out of that. Relatives to the template.

Today was good. My mom is dying of cancer. I can tell. But she won’t let go of her breasts. She’s more concerned about the reconstructive surgery. I suppose it’s a distraction. But she’s different. Like she’s starting to realize it might end. Less bossy. Less blaming. Less grandiose. She’s a huge stress in my life. Every little thing is a nightmare to her. She blows up about everything constantly. I have been afraid of her since I was 3. I used to hide behind the cereal box in the morning. She’s all I have in many ways. The family dynamic made it that way. And it still is that way. She overwhelms and essentially overpowers me. She gives me looks that scare me still. Anyway, work is going well. I surfed this morning at sewers. Only the best should paddle out there. I caught a good four foot wave and paddled back over to the rock I jumped off. Then I had beans, tomatoes, avocado, and bbq sauce. I had a lot of confidence today. I realized a lot of my moms behavior is inappropriate and I don’t need to be around it anymore if I don’t want. Stacey showed me there was a huge line of garbage occurring in my family. And I have changed and I don’t need to be around negativity. It’s sad. I sort of started it with my mom. But it came from my dad. Maybe it’s a phase she’ll grow out of. I did push her to grow. A lot of adolescent behavior has come out of her in recent years. It’s good but it’s also sad that she buried so much inside for so long. And still made it to work every day. The state of life. It’s oretty dismal!!! But I get what I need. Nature. Endorphins. A little adrenaline. Cold water. Salt. Good food. Hugs from my friend Paul. We went wth his family to the swimming hole in the river today. It was great. A little hike. Smelled a rose. And some mint. Bought groceries. Did laundry. Vacuumed for an hour. Wiped everything down and dusted. Drove sanely. Didn’t get mad about anything. Gibberish. It’s apparentky a technique like speaking in tongues to dissipate emotions and also connect with God. It’s works. I even did it as a little kid to cope. I naturally did it. It works really well for me. I realize I don’t know anything. I don’t know Anything about God. I had it mostly wrong. Or marriage. I was pretty wrong about marriage. But I know love when I see it. Because I’ve seen the complete opposite.

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