It’s all about that language

I figured it out. It doesn’t take me long to figure things out. I used to have this one so well down, but I got tired of doing it. People will respect you if you speak their language. But it’s tiring constantly switching languages. I used to be really good at it. And some people noticed and would call me a shape shifter. It’s body language, vocabulary, slang, and speech patterns. As a kid I adopted a strategy of mimicking others language to fit in so I would be accepted. I noticed it in the last week with a few people I just had a lot of friction with. I was adamant about speaking my language, and these are people that won’t respect or really even consider people who don’t speak their language. I try to respect and consider people who don’t speak my language, but when someone doesn’t speak my language, hearing them is like scratching in my ears and everything inside says ewwwwww. Anyone who says bro, dude, uses slang, and doesn’t use higher level vocabulary, just irks me when they talk. I just want them to stop. It feels disrespectful to me. Language is the leader of the mind, and I want a clean, educated, resourceful mind. Nothing that isn’t fruitful or productive.

My language has become soft, listening, gentle, and warm. Most people do not speak that language. Many don’t even know they have a language. Their just stuck reacting, stuck in the language they were taught. They don’t even see what’s around them. Completely out of touch.

I used to want to be accepted by everyone. I tried hard. And it worked. Nowadays, I’m wiser. I don’t need everyone to accept me. I have found acceptance from God.

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