It was a perfect night

For a night ride. Oh wow. But I went to a paddle out in remembrance today of Jesus. A lot of focus is often put on how bad the people were that killed him, and that doesn’t make any sense to me. My focus is that if he is who he said he was, and it is a fact that he lived and was killed, then God is real and I am free from being a scumbag. And I think all of that is a lot subtler than I have always been taught. God created everything, and it isn’t that big of a deal to him, it just is. It is what it is. He is. Not that big of a deal if it is real. He just is. That’s what he said. I am. And the crucifixion, it just happened. And if you choose him, he will set you free. In the beginning was the word. That was him. The truth will set you free. He was the truth. It’s almost too utterly simple to explain so he had to use parables and all these other weird ways of saying things. It isn’t that complicated. He said abide in my word, and you will know. This is a knowledge that comes from action, there might not be words for it! Does it make sense yet?! Yes, no?

It’s like you have to forget everything you know, let go of everything, sell everything, give all your money to the poor, forget what the word Jesus means to you, forget what you think he looks like, forget your family, forget your parents, leave everything behind, forget everything about “Jesus”, and get to know the real person by abiding in him for real. Not a caricature. Not an idea. Not something you were taught.


But you’re experience of him for real and the experience of abiding in him. And that means finding a love inside for anyone. No matter what. And for the simple minded, yes that includes Hitler, your beloved stereotype of evil. And white supremacists. Because you actually aren’t any better. From my point of view. For me it’s huge! And I have soooo far to go. But it’s amazing to see what happens. What he said does have power, it just is not at all how I imagined it.

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