It isn’t that I’m messy

I just love cleaning boats. I do. It’s so much fun. First there’s the bottom. You get on your wetsuit. Then the fins. That’s the best part. The fins. Then the mask. A little spit keeps it from fogging. Then select the best tool. Sometimes it’s a brush. Sometimes a scraper. Sometimes a piece of wood. You’ll find out. Then the really best part. Splash down. At first it’s scary. What’s under your feet? What’s under the dock?! What was that movement? But two hours later, you’ll be having a blast climbing around the boat, the dock lines, the rudder. Scrubbing. It’s like a big horse with a giant nose. And slowly, you go deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Eventually the keels shows itself through the murk, looming like a big fish in the darkness. Then the rudder. It’s fun because it’s easy and small. The propeller. The chin. The best part? Mussels and those other things. They’re hard. Barnacles. Out comes the scraper. It’s like picking a scab after two weeks. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a giant mess. So you hop out for a little bit, let the water clear. But the whole time you’re just waiting to get back at it.

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