Interesting mind

Selling my house is interesting. I realized a week ago, most of it has nothing to do with finishing things. That’s just a metaphor. I could sell it whenever and it’s state wouldn’t make much of a difference. It’s about me letting go. Taking the steps. Getting the things out of the house. Writing the listing. Taking the photos. Prying my hands off of the house. That’s all that matters. For every month I don’t list it, I am paying towards something that isn’t in my future!! It’s about the seller letting go of the house. And I think the sooner, the better! Lesson learned on housing! I went fishing today. I caught my first fish. It was amazing. It hooked itself. I reeled it in. It all happened so fast. You have to hook those little guys fast. I was standing on rocks so once I got it in I couldn’t hold on to it and it went back to the water. It had barbs on its dorsal fun and I didn’t want another cut. It was sizable. I learned a lot. Hooks and bait really matter. I think that’s why so many men have dogs. Anyway, it felt good. I feel like a man now.

Tomorrow is another big day. Add that spigot I know someone will enjoy, and make the driveway presentable. And that’s it! But it must get done. Inspection is tomorrow. Photos after. Market in the afternoon. Drop dead no turning back. That’s it!

Looking back, I wish I had just kept my blue boat, my blue truck, my job, and my blue house. But I didn’t. Life was good though. But honestly, that day in the trench, there was something about it. I’m glad it happened.

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