I think my heart is tied to yours

But that is not fair. But I guess I can’t expect fairness. Yesterday I flushed my tankless water heater, installed my wall heater, re ran the rough electrical in my front room, planned the insulation, went to church, and a number of other things. It was good. I got a lot done. I rode this morning. It was great. I feel like I am surrounded by egotistical people. Maybe that means I a, egotistical. It’s the cars. I guess when your driving alone enjoying your nice car you think you own the world. Cars are specifically designed to give you that feeling. It’s how they sell. And they all roll around giving off that exact mannerism. Oh it drives me crazy. What? What do you want from me car? Can I just sit in peace and enjoy my house? Then I rode with the cars. I like to beat them. Or race them. They love it. They race back.

Today I bought the insulation, planned more electrical work, got the stove in the right spot. There’s only so many square feet to work with. Organized. Cleaned. Groomed my nails. My nails are doing ok. A little roughed up. My feet are sore. I’m ready for some bigger rides. My legs are growing. I’m the perfect size. Small, light, and mean. I can sprint hard. When my legs are in shape. Lycra is he way to go. I am running out of money. I have some equity in my house so I could always sell. But I think I’ll make it back into the workforce and recover. It should be fine. And I’ll have an epic little old cabin. It’s a classic.

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