I think I “upped the game”

I never understood what guys meant by “game” until I met Stacey. Whatever it is, I took it all the way. It turned into a relentless self realization that had no reservations. So I never needed her, whoever she is, and showered her with a full frontal and side attack of a complex language of complements and leadership. It was so intricate that I don’t think it actually came from me. I was saying and doing things that would benefit her five years later. Or so it seemed. It was pretty cool. I brought this so called game to some other women too and in some groups other men couldn’t even compete so they resorted to brutish and uncivil tactics to scare me away. But I thought is was about loving your brothers? I tried to teach them but they wouldn’t open up. But looking back I realize I was in effect courting ina similar manner as the book of the Song of Solomon. It was epic. And now I am seeing others start it a little too. It’s powerful. It’s emotionally risky. And it’s worth it.

Let’s up the game!!! Go for it! Flatter someone! Without expecting anything! You might get hurt. You might get embarrassed! You might sweat! And you might cry! And you,l definitely lose. But this where the healing begins! And the dopamine it releases, meaning the peace it brings, is awwwwessssooommmmeeee.

If you’re a guy and you’re mad at me, why don’t you learn how to do it too? It isn’t hard. It starts inside of you!

And as a physical benefit, they actually lose weight because they don’t feel like they have to carry the weight of your emotional baggage around and are freed up to live their own life! It’s funny, they’re so caring they will actually put on pounds because they get stuck worrying and caring about your nightmares! And they don’t even know it!

Its like this forever dialogue. Not necessarily forever like marriage. But like, hey, I’m staying ahead of you. Remembering what you told them years ago. Keeping a dialogue and language of themes, goals, and certain vocabulary going for years. And slowly developing it. Some concepts are a little too much for their little brains at first and it scares them. But slowly they’ll begin to trust you as they realize you’re confident in it.

And definitely realizing that they are bringing their own game. Their own themes and goals. And discovering what those are and acknowledging them. I’d say the best is discovering their deepest convictions and sources of meaning. And being willing to sacrifice for the betterment of them or the goal.

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