I made it

I don’t know what exactly happened to me in the last few years. Something happened. And man it has definitely hurt. It’s funny because I prayed, honestly, for my death, if it would give someone else what I have been given. It’s like I’m invincible. Sure I get hurt and slow down, but nothing takes away my joy. It s amazing.

So I went sailing but it didn’t work out. I showed my friend how to rig the boat and then we decided not to sail and de rigged it.

But I’m feeling slightly back to normal. It started on Friday. And it’s good.

Then today I was thinking about my last days at bell. I was on top of the world. And I had an awesome bike. I had it all. Then that bike was stolen. And I was just thinking today, it would be so nice to have that bike back. I had found a good one on Craigslist already. I went and looked at it closer today. It’s my old bike!! I couldn’t be happier. And the guy think he can get a refund from the seller and I can get it for a really low price since it was stolen!!! What I’m earth?

Moral of the story: Do whatever it takes to keep a good thing

the hardest part of the last few years is it’s like I lost traction. Like I can’t get anywhere. But I’ve always known, in sand, just keep looking forward and pedaling. There’s always a point where your sweat is blinding, your eyes can hardly focus past ten feet, your body is pushing maximum and you can’t really feel it anymore, but it’s one pedal at a time for however long until you get through it. Yup.

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