I know you!

I figured out what her necklace is for. I can feel it. And I think she has saved more money than me. Which is kind of funny. It just means she did my job better than me. Which is sort of embarrassing. Well, regardless, she did do my job better than me. But it’s OK. I’ll do better. And I know her perspective now. Oh it’s good. That’s my favorite thing to do. Figure her out so I can see ahead of her path. It was hard. She’s pretty sharp.


The bible always talks about a man knowing a woman. I think I get it now. Because I know her!!!


I knew $500 didn’t mean anything in many ways to her, except that it was a fairly sincere gesture considering the circumstances. But it’s just funny that she kept it, and the judge never even commented on it. Like it was prudent. Is that the right word? What on earth was his take on the situation?


Its like the rest of her brain worked but mine was severely compartmebralized. So whatever she saw seemed like this other world. But now I get it. But how did she find other men that were like her? Where do they come from?

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