I had gotten pulled over in front of bell

My tire had blown three months before, I put on my spare, and now it had blown it’s tread off. So I took my rope, my tow rope, and a blanket and tied the tire back together. I’m limping down the road at 10 mph, with the car bumping every time the rope came around, looking at the officer thinking, I don’t know, its crazy, but it’s kind of fun. Like an experiment. I said the tire shop was another 200 feet. He looked at me and said, well, you’re doing the best you can.

I had wanted to be at that point. I didn’t need to be. Previously, I had a 240 HP six speed four wheel drive snow mobile on 31″ mud terrains called a Tacoma. That thing ate snow for breakfast, then dinner, then dessert. Then it could jump dunes and sling mud.

But now, I understood a lot of people a lot better. We all do our best. Sometimes that isn’t good enough for others.

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