Humankind can not bear very much reality

I asked to see it. And it is hard. A lot of myself. And the rest of reality as well. Its overwhelming. But it is the norm. Everyone should progress as far as they can. Society needs it. Society hungers for it. I am realizing my goals aren’t what I really want. I used to want to prove how much I have worked. I have worked hard. And I should have something to show for it I think. But I started to think that having much necessarily means I’ve taken. The irony is that I don’t have much. But to me, I have a lot. But I’ve been there with people living with so little. It has made me realize that I don’t need a whole lot. Just a little cabin, some food, and some yoga. You know? And let the other people have my things. So they can do their process and journey. It’s a process. Everyone knows that. And we have to keep moving forwards. It’s a metaphor really. I don’t want to have anything when I have kids. Because I want them to have a fresh start in the genealogy. They can just be themselves. Simply. Strongly. And quietly. Living.

If I have noticed one thing, it is that men are hungry for growth and truth. And women are in such a wonderful position to help.

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