How long is forever?

Today was amazing. Any day hitting the streets and antagonizing, I mean, interviewing future clients, is great. But today, I really connected with a few of them. I was much more able to be present. It was fun. They gave me a bunch of tips. That’s what’s great about how I’m doing this. They are helping me. Because I’m helping them. It’s good. I’m going long term. It will take me a while to really get going, but I will have loyal families. And Im planning for hiring help. I’m slowly selecting key people in the community. Not only that, I’m now a community figure. And Im good at it. So long as I write out those resentments. Oh they pile up fast if I don’t stay aware. It’s a nightmare.


dear Stacey, you have no idea what you started. When I went to ACA I spread the word and fought for honesty and courage. And now it’s a huge program and I know I did my part by stepping out in faith and courage and saying what needed to be said. But now …


Please understand, I like boats. And if I talk about a boat, it isn’t a euphemism for anything else. I love and hate boats.

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