God is good

I went to Mexico this weekend to build a house in Tijuana. It was incredible. I don’t know what it is. The team building. The work. The people. The home owners. The builders. The leaders. The kids. The food. It is an amazing trip. I can’t believe what happens on these trips. It’s so good. There is so much love. Seriously. On the way down, we stopped for meals. And they were good. They were good meals. People asked how I was. And would say great. I have been remodeling. Whatever that means. Re-modelling. I was never modeling in the first place. And my house is definitely not a model. But anyway, surfing, and biking, and I did a bike race, and reading, and making good Whole Foods. And then I almost blurred out, yeah and it’s basically all because of Stacey Peterson. But I feared a sheriff with handcuffs would appear out of nowhere and take me to jail if I said her name. So I didn’t. But was it her? All she did was talk about how she understood and then walk by and look me in the eye with her ponds of granite. I’ve met others like her. It’s quite remarkable. Amazing bodies and eyes of crystal. Anyway, the trip was very rejuvenating. I always feel bad because there is so much good there and I know I bring a lot of judgement to everyone everywhere I go. Why are making such an arrogant face or gesture? Why is everything such a mess here? Why are you all talking so much? I wish I could fit in better. But I want to focus and get things done! What’s all this small talk about? Can’t we get to the point? I am very to the point. And I like surfing the point as well.

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