God gave us rain

It makes the soul feel better. It focuses. It brings essence!!

It made me think again.

Science. It wasn’t that I didn’t like science or disagree with it. I was appalled by it for a specific reason. It had nothing to do with religion. In fact religion doesn’t mean anything to me. The existence of God, that’s what was important to me. If God didn’t exist, than I had no reason to live. That is the truth. The problem of science for me was my ego. I knew I could use my intellect and science to feel better than others. To make more money than others. To feed my ego. My false sense of my self. And in being appalled by that, I hated science.


There was more. I felt it couldn’t solve anything. It didn’t save people from abuse. It didn’t stop evil. It might extend your life. But we all still die. I think the most advanced scientists even realized, through science, that possibly the ultimate achievement, mortal immortality, was proven impossible by science. And this is what the rain showed me. There is something bigger, and no one escapes it.

Atleast I could use a scientific perspective to feel better. Objectively I could look at my life and try to make sense of it. And maybe this was still my ego. I had been in soul depraving situations. More than most. Because of it I had a strong sense of what actually matters. And the wonderful fruits of science, simply didn’t matter to me. I didn’t think they were bad, they just didn’t solve my problem.

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