Getting super

So I made my cabinets and trim with only a mother saw and a skill saw. And I’ve figured out quite a few tricks. You can do A LOT with a skill saw. I was worried that I don’t have and can’t get a table saw. But with some engineering and a few aisle conversations at the lumber yard, it didn’t matter. The best part was learning how to make e trim fit when the drywall isn’t flush with the door jamb!! Or, using the skill saw, and sliding it down the back of the trim, at an angle, to route out a big relief in the back of the trim so it can bridge a protrusion. It’s great! Or, getting a perfect, clean, straight cut with the skill saw. It feels good. It’s a whole mindset. Focused and clear.

It was like her. Relentlessly devoted to good. I wondered what it was like as other people caught up to her. Would she feel diminished as she wasn’t in the lead anymore?

Brandon’s boat came with a whole kit of whipping twine. I was always afraid of whipping knots and splicing, but now, oh man. Every role on that boat is going to be custom hand made. It’s just what I needed.

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