Getting in to that mindset

Holy cow! Every morning I have to remind myself. I need to be present with the bad. I relentlessly avoid half my brain because of the bad. Being present with it means loving it, and forgiving it. It’s hard!!! But I need all my brain.

It was risky. I got a crew of complete newbies form meetup and took them sailing. The only dangerous part is listening to them. Which I do. Which is horrible. I get distracted. It’s a balance of seeing their perspective and staying in control. As soon as I lose control I end up hitting something. Someone started yelling while I was backing in, I lost control do the situation, and we rubbed the dock pretty hard.

This is hard. I don’t know if I should be doing this. It’s a challenge. Maybe that’s good.

Its her dad! He named her. He knew that name would create the most stylish person in the world. And it worked.

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