Getting back to business

I was back at it today. Electrician came and installed a new panel. Inspector inspected it and signed off my rough electrical. Pge came out and hooked up the power. I also delivered a bag of food to someone in need. Went for a run. Ran a new circuit. Selected cabinets. Made little concrete bases for my posts. Tidied up the yard. Got my transmission fluid level dialed. Also did a job on my cycle cross bike two days ago. Cleaned her. Finished off the ends of the cables. And dialed a few other things. Totally nailed my ride yesterday. Hoping to get atleast a new rear tire before the old cabin classic. I have no idea how I am going to do two laps. At all. I also put a new corner trim on my house … it’s like a brand new house. This whole thing is almost finished. So close. So close.

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