For five years

It seemed like I had nothing to show for for the last five years. But I did. I learned to listen for God. I really did. And it pays to listen for God. When I submitted my house plans, it didn’t make sense to me. They just seemed like lazy plans with no creativity. But I had prayed about it for years and these plans were the result. I was sure of it. After I got my permit, I looked at the plans and felt dumb. This was all I could do? The stupid oven is right in the middle of the house. And that jog wall, oh my, it’s terrible. But tonight, after seeing everything in its place and getting a glimpse of the finish, all of a sudden I had a revelation of how all these other ideas fit perfectly into my plan, that I just didn’t see before. And all of it could only fit if I had planned it exactly the way it was! It’s really cool! There was way more to this divine plan then I could have ever planned myself. This house is REALLY going to be awesome. Like the second bedroom, it accidentally has this perfect nook for either a bunk bed or a ton of extra storage under or above the bed, that I didn’t plan for. And the kitchen wall cabinets, have an ingenious trick to them where the whole wall can be a cabinet, and since the sink is set out 9”, they sit behind the sink and don’t intrude! And the final look is stunning. It just looks like a big flat wall behind the sink, but there’s a ton of storage!!! And the jog allows for a nifty storage area above the kitchen desk, where I could literally cram everything I own, leaving the ENTIRE FRONT ROOM OPEN. And the washer and dryer sit out just far enough, which I originally thought was dumb, but far enough so you can put all the essentials tucked neatly BEHIND the machines. And my little stool fits perfectly in front of the oven where there can be a small one person bar. It’s perfect. And with my under sink kind of weird trash can design, I can put in a built in step so you can reach all those epic cabinets above the sink! It’s like, whoa!!!! And the upper one foot, where you can’t reach, is perfect for camping gear, and that little stool reaches there perfectly. And I never would have thought to put the dining table in my carport if I hadn’t needed to temporarily put it there. But it’s staying there!!! That’s the dining room! Just like camping!! because!!! I mean there’s so much awesome that just came together in the last hour within this 750 square feet … and the front 150 square feet is still WIDE OOEN FOR PLAY AND YOGA AND WORKING ON BIKES AND MAKING SIRFBOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who needs and second story??

And, maybe I’ll have a cute roommate in two months and finances won’t matter! And then I could rent out the second bedroom too! And have a sailboat to take everyone Sailing on. And also use it for those days when you need privacy. This is absurdly good! And I didn’t plan any of this. And it all started with no rush!

There were so many times that I sat quietly, watching, listening, praying, moving slowly in life. And I would think, okay I’m supposed to do this. It doesn’t make sense but I think it’s right. Like getting rid of my pavers. That’s how I ended up with a table in my carport. And it’s perfect. It seemed weird at first. But it’s totally perfect. And I never would have done that on my own. Someone watching out for me!!!!

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